ISO 9001 Certification

In February 2020, we have successfully renewed our ISO 9001 certification. Our quality manager has improved our processes so that we can serve our customers even better.

A quality manager for the Froidevaux Group

In order to make sure we have high quality products within the Froidevaux Group companies, we’ve hired a Quality Manager. He’s already working to maintain the ISO 9001 for Froidevaux SA and to set it up for Montanari SA and FCDH Aciers SA.

New photosensitive layer DET 539.54 from the 17th of June 2019!

The Kodak photosensitive layer currently applied on our clichés will be replaced by a new coating meeting today's environmental standards.

From the 17th of June 2019 all our plates will be coated  with our new layer named DET 539.54 and will have to be developed and cleaned with the appropriate agents.

You’ll find these products in our consumables catalog :

  • sodium carbonate to develop
  • potassium hydroxide to clean

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Froidevaux Nouvelle couche DET 539 54 C

Froidevaux SA is developing for the future

FroidevauxSA EquipeJuillet18 Actualites

After celebrating 50 years of existence, Froidevaux SA is evolving.

Here is an article about the major changes that occurred in 2018 in our company.


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